Closed Box Truck & Semi-Trailer Truck Delivery


Areaexpress serves a large and growing customer base, including retail shippers, who count on us to get their goods from Nigerian ports, manufacturing locations and distribution centers to destinations all over Nigeria. We bring expertise to shipping in general.

Everything these days is time sensitive, retail merchandise only loses value if it doesn't make it to the shelves on time to meet seasoned customer demand. Construction materials need to be delivered on time to ensure building schedules are met and emergency supplies arrive at their destination as soon as possible. That's why the loads of bottled water, roofing supplies, textiles, retail sale items, sporting goods, auto parts and furniture that we manage arrive within and where they need to be on time, intact every time.

All our packages includes Goods In Transit Insurance. 

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We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of end to end supply chain solutions through providing innovative, proactive & cost-effective services to our customers. Our logistics service combines flexibility, speed, and creative spirit of an ever-changing team with strength, resilience, robustness, security, and integrity of a major freight clearing & forwarding, shipping, and freight logistics provider. With years of experience in freight clearing & forwarding, shipping, and supply chain freight logistics, AreaExpress is uniquely positioned to offer your company the right supply chain and logistics service to help it scale its limits.

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